FOUNDER- SETH ROSHAN LAL JAIN TRUST " Listen to your inner genius, those who do, often end up changing the world."

Seth Roshan Lal Jain was born in 1917 at village Khera of district Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. He took up his ancestral khadi business. The fact that he was known as Seth Ji was a reflection of his popularity. He was also an honoured scholar of the Jain philosophy. His emotional strength was Smt. Tarawati Jain, his wife, who supported him in all his endeavours to build Jain Institutions in Khera. As a couple they were dedicated to the spread of kindness to human beings and other living organisms. They both had a vision to create institutions for enhancing the value of education. To the inspiring memory of Late Rohan Lal Jain and Smt. Tarawati Jain his son Shri Jinesh Chand Jain with his wife Smt. Sunita Jain and their nephew Shri. Subhash Jain created Seth Roshan Lal Jain Trust which is dedicated to the spread of technical and management education in North India.